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The Industry's First Wireless Vape Detector

Schools Across the Globe choose Zeptive for their Vape Detection

Created by Scientists & Engineers with Decades of Experience in the Chemical Detection Industry

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Who We Are

Zeptive is a sensor company created by experts, with decades of experience in the industry.

They were frustrated by the growing vaping epidemic and the effect it was having on their own high school children and friends.

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Have more questions?

How is it installed?

What are the costs of not using vape detection?

How can the problem effect school performance?

How much space does it cover?

How many do I need in my entire school?

How is it maintained & monitored?

What can be prevented?

What else do I need to know?

Power Options


PoE (power over ethernet)
External power via AC-DC transformer

Integrated tamper sensor

Optional wire guard

Tamper-resistant screws

Setup & Installation

DIY in minutes (no cables needed)

Attach to wall or ceiling

Mounting hardware provided

Communication Options




Monitoring Options

Mobile App

Audible alerts

Text alerts

Email alerts

Remote access, view and control sensors

Apple & Android


Curated Resources For You

We have researched to find informational resources that are nationwide, state specific, and local.

Click through to see how you can be helped with your school's vaping challenges.

We are here to help you with your entire vaping prevention program.

What's Included
with your Zeptive Vape Detector?

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How We Can Help

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Wireless Vape Detector

Most Accurate

The World's

Supporting Safer Schools with Vape Detection

Administrators | Parents | Students

We make it easy to breathe easy.

Simple Setup & Fast Detection!

Man Installing Vape Detector

Set up in minutes

Comes ready to place on the wall, ceiling or anywhere.

Students Holding Vape Pens

Detect Vape

Patented advanced  protection and false alarm prevention

School Principal Receiving Text Alerts

Receive Alerts

Provides the information you need to track vaping events and plan effective responses and prevention activities

Vape Sensors

Sensor for Vaping


Smartphone Icon

Web Console

Web Console Icon


Notification Text Symbol


Phone Support Symbol
High School Building Blue Print

Vape Free Spaces (S)

Protecting just one restroom creates a different tone in your school & opens the conversation about vaping and health

Increased Protection (M)

Create a new school environment where students are supported with up-to-date monitoring solutions

Full Coverage (L)

Expand coverage to ensure healthier environments in multiple classrooms, common areas, to assess multiple areas at the same time

Versatile Installation Options

The Zeptive "go anywhere" patented vape detection system enables schools to more easily and affordably Monitor student vaping in locations throughout the building.

Our Tech Specs


Vape Sensors


Zeptive Smart Phone App

Web Console

Zeptive Web Console






LED Alarm


We care about your students and we know you do too.

We are in the business of keeping schools healthy.

But we don't stop there. What would you like to protect?

Vape Detector
Work Place

Vape Detectors

Data Center

Vape Detectors


Hotel / Resort Vape Detectors


Zeptive Vape Detectors have a Patented Design with 3 Modes to Choose From, Change Anytime!

The Ultimate in Power and Connection Versatility!

Loved by IT & Facility Specialists Everywhere





Plug In / WiFi


Mode Type


Rechargeable Batteries


Plug In





Battery / WiFi

Zeptive Customers Map 2.png

Zeptive has Successfully Served 1000s of Customers across the United States & Abroad

Our Satisfied Customers

Advanced Detection

Zeptive Devices

Cost Effective

Easy Setup

Choose the Best Fit for Your Needs:

Zeptive Devices

“When the school came to us with Zeptive, we knew it was a good option for us. We were glad to hear they made a system that is tamper-proof and well thought out."

Karolyn O. | Melrose, MA

Melrose High School PTO Member

Students Sitting in a Row Smiling

Easy to Install

Zeptive makes DIY vape detector installation easy - think of installing a residential WiFi enabled smoke detector. We include an installation template and the hardware you need to install your sensors on the wall or ceiling. The sensor comes with all the software and training material you need to get started along with complimentary training and phone support for the life of your devices from Zeptive’s team of chemical detection experts.

Low False Positive

Zeptive’s vape sensors contain multi-channel particle and chemical sensors to avoid false alarms. Our unique particle sensor categorizes 4 distinct sizes of particulate matter. The chemical sensor works together with the other sensors to characterize the environment, resulting in fewer nuisance and false alarms. Zeptive’s patented algorithms are the best in the industry drawing on 20 years of high-tech sensing experience. Combining sensor data provides extremely good differentiation between vaping and chemicals such as body sprays and hair sprays. Settings can also be customized to fit your unique environment.

WiFi & Ethernet Communication

Zeptive’s patented vape sensors makes True Wireless WiFi/Battery Power and Fully Wired Power Over Ethernet in one device providing unique installation options. OPTION 1: Fully Wireless WiFi with Two Rechargeable Batteries. Move whereever you have good WiFi. OPTION 2: Wired PoE - Power over Ethernet. Install cable and connect your devices. OPTION 3: Hybrid Fully Wireless WiFi with Two Rechargeable Batteries & Wired PoE - Power over Ethernet. A mix of Wireless and Wired devices offering maximum flexibility and control. Start as a Wireless device then convert to Wired at any time or start as a Wired device then convert to Wireless at any time. It only takes seconds to switch.

Instant Notifications

When vape is detected, alarm decisions are made locally at the device and instantly communicated to the cloud to be relayed to the people you choose. Use the Web Dashboard included with your purchase to easily set up text, email, and push notifications for your staff. Receive push notifications in the Zeptive Phone app included with your purchase or via text to your mobile phone or email.

Vandalism Resistant

We combat vandalism with several approaches: A tamper sensor is integrated in the system and alerts staff if anyone touches the system. Staff receive an e-mail/text to their accounts and push notifications through the Zeptive app when tampering events occur. There is an audible alarm, which can be turned on or off in the Zeptive Phone app, that will sound for 10 seconds at 80 decibels when someone tampers with the sensor. The tamper sensor is adjustable with three sensitivity settings so each device can be customized for your unique installation. All notifications are time-stamped so you can follow up by cross examining your camera system if someone tampers with a device. The hardened plastic case molded in flame-retardant UL94-V0 Polycarbonate/ABS plastic blend protects the electronics and sensors. Tamper resistant screws are used to secure the plastic case and battery door and are also provided for installation of the device on the wall or the ceiling. An Optional Wire Cage can be installed around the device to provide an outer protective shell.

Why Zeptive
Vape Detectors?

Students Working in a Classroom

The Zeptive Edge



Other Detectors

Detection of Typical Vape and Smoke

Advanced Patented Detection Capabilities

Easily Move Devices Anytime for Optimal Performance

Wires to Network or Electrical Box

Web Console & Mobile App (iOS and Android)

Video Management System (VMS) Integration

Fully Wireless (Battery & WiFi) Solution

DIY Installation: No running wire throughout the building, 30-minute install per unit

Dedicated Technical Support from Experts

Mix & Match Device Types in the Same Building

Start as Wireless & Convert to Wired Power Anytime



US Patent US11.195.406 B2


Easily Converts to Wired!

The Industry's Only Battery Powered Vape Detector

3 Convenient Power Options Built-In:



You can mix and match our devices in your building

Wired Powered 

Compact Package

Same Great Features as the Wireless Model!

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