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Vape detectors typically work by identifying the specific chemical compounds and aerosols released when someone uses a vape, including nicotine, THC, and other substances. When the vape detector senses these particular substances, it triggers an alert, which allows for the monitoring and enforcement of no-vaping policies in different spaces. The chemical sensor in Zeptive’s vape detectors in particular works together with the other sensors to characterize the environment, resulting in fewer nuisance and false alarms. Vape detectors often also monitor changes in air quality.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of vape detectors can vary based on their design, sensitivity, and the environment in which they are installed. Zeptive vape detectors not only help manage vaping in spaces, but also create a safer and healthier environment by detecting and deterring airborne contaminants in real-time.

How do vape detectors work?

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