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Effect of Hotel Air Quality Management on Guests’ Cognitive and Affective Images

Abstract: "Although city air pollution levels significantly affect the hotel industry, few studies have addressed the impact of air quality management on guests’ cognitive and affective image formation and revisit intentions. Therefore, this research examined the effects of hotel air quality management on the formation of guests’ cognitive and affective images and their revisit intentions. A total of 322 valid samples were obtained by surveying hotel guests who had perceived hotel air quality management activities in the past year, with SPSS 22.0 (IBM, New York, NY, USA) and AMOS 22.0 (IBM, New York, NY, USA) employed for the empirical analysis. The cognitive and affective image constructs revealed that cognitive (perceived value and perceived quality) image influenced revisit intentions but affective image did not. These results provide insights into the need for hotel managers to develop positive cognitive and emotional images through good air quality management and the need to induce customers to revisit based on these images".

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