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Use of Electronic Cigarettes as a Predictor of Cannabis Experimentation: A longitudinal Study

Abstract: "Experimentation with e-cigarettes is rising among youth, and there are concerns that e-cigarettes could be a new risk factor for initiating substance use. This study aimed to investigate whether e-cigarette use longitudinally predicts experimentation with cannabis...E-cigarette use is associated with a subsequent initiation of cannabis use. This association seems to be stronger for youth who have a lower risk for substance use in general. Future studies need to investigate whether this is only true for experimental or also more frequent cannabis use...The study indicates a prospective association between e-cigarette use and initiation of cannabis experimentation independent of other risk factors. It suggests that e-cigarette use is more strongly associated with cannabis initiation for youth with a lower propensity to use substances (low sensation-seekers and non-smokers)".

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