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New Software


Extended Battery Life

Our system has been optimized to use less power and extend battery life. The sensor start up is now faster for both wired and wireless devices. And for wireless devices, connection time is now 50% faster by optimizing WiFi connectivity time.

Indoor Air Quality Enhancements

Your Zeptive detector now has improved capabilities to monitor indoor air quality (IAQ). When the indoor air quality value increases above recommended levels, a new notification called IAQ Alert is sent. If desired, an audible buzzer can be configured from the Zeptive Console to beep to alert those nearby about substandard air quality.

New Detection Capabilities

Our sensor capabilities have been upgraded with new alert types to tell you if the sensor is overloaded with aerosols that could be used to mask or hide the presence of vaping. Aerosols are small droplets found in vape, but also in commonly used deodorant spray, body spray, or antiseptic cleaning sprays. The result: better and more accurate information about your Zeptive sensor’s environment.  The new notification is called Masking Alert. If desired, an audible buzzer can be configured from the Zeptive Console to beep if there is an alert.

More Video Integrations

Zeptive is excited to announce that we've upgraded our server to send alert events to even more Video Management Systems (VMS). In our recent evaluation, we found that over 80% of the VMS systems we analyzed are capable of connecting with Zeptive devices. This enables your team to coordinate your awareness of vaping, air quality (IAQ), and video information together into your organization’s existing video monitoring console.

Zeptive is excited to announce a new software upgrade for customers with new and recently purchased devices*

Announcing Zeptive's April 2024

Software Upgrade

*Automatic update for all devices shipped after November 2023.
Contact us at for early access or to receive information on both battery and hardware upgrade packages.

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