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The American Dental Association has acknowledged that vaping could be as dangerous as cigarette smoking to one’s gums and teeth. A study from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine found an association between vaping and the development of cavities after analyzing data from more than 13,000 patients. Those individuals who vaped were more likely to be in the high risk group for cavities. Other earlier research has also shown a link with e-cigarettes and cavity likelihood.

There are some potential reasons for the tooth decay risk. One is related to the sugary content and thickness of the aerosolized vaping liquid, which then can stick to teeth. Another is that vaping aerosols may cause a change in mouth bacteria and favor bacteria growth that are more conducive to causing decay. Vaping’s effect with causing teeth discoloration is less clear than cigarette smoking, yet there is some suggestion that components in the e-liquid may contribute to staining.

Is vaping bad for your teeth?

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