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Supporting Safer Schools with Vape Detection

In response to the rising use of vaping devices among students, it is important for schools to take a strong position by implementing a vape detector campaign for your school. These devices can quickly identify vaping chemicals, providing real-time alerts to administrators and promoting a healthier environment. By using vape detectors, schools can better enforce smoke-free policies, raise awareness about the dangers of vaping, and offer early intervention for students. Ultimately, the integration of vape detectors helps maintain a safe and positive learning environment for all.








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What's Included?

We care about your students and we know you do too.

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No Smoking/Vaping Policy

Zeptive reinforces strict no-smoking policies in place to maintain a healthy and clean environment for your students. Prohibit the use of e-cigarettes, vape pens, and other vaping devices.

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The Industry's First Wireless Vape Detector

Schools Across the Globe choose Zeptive for their Vape Detection

Created by Scientists & Engineers with Decades of Experience in the Chemical Detection Industry

Why Choose Zeptive?

Easy to Install

For school administrators seeking to install vape detectors, Zeptive offers a seamless installation process that can be easily handled by your maintenance staff. The sensors are accompanied by wall or ceiling templates and all the necessary hardware, enabling you to mount the devices effortlessly in your desired locations. Our included software and training materials will equip your staff with the knowledge they need to get started promptly. Furthermore, Zeptive provides extensive support through our dedicated website at, as well as through email and phone assistance from our expert team, for the lifetime of the devices. We understand the importance of reliable support, and we are committed to ensuring that your experience with our products is seamless and hassle-free. Even if you require installation of numerous devices across your school premises, Zeptive's installation process is designed to be so user-friendly that external installers are not necessary. However, if you opt to use contracted installers, our team at Zeptive is readily available to provide training and support to ensure a successful installation process tailored to your specific needs.

Low False Positive

Zeptive offers state-of-the-art technology specifically designed for schools, utilizing patented multi-channel particle and chemical sensors to maintain low false positive rates. We understand that building trusted relationships with students and staff is of utmost importance in the school environment, and accurate differentiation between real vaping incidents and other substances is crucial. With over 20 years of sensing expertise, Zeptive has developed unparalleled patented algorithms tailored for schools. Our advanced particle sensor categorizes aerosols into four sizes, while our chemical sensor conducts a comprehensive analysis to minimize false alarms. This sophisticated approach allows our sensors to effectively distinguish between vaping and other chemicals commonly found in educational settings, such as body sprays or cleaning products. To further meet the unique needs of each area within your school, whether it's a classroom, hallway, or restroom, Zeptive's sensor settings can be customized. This ensures precise and reliable detection while minimizing false positives. Zeptive's advanced sensors and algorithms deliver exceptional differentiation and detection capabilities for nicotine vaping, cannabis or THC vaping, and other substances typically present in vape aerosols. By implementing Zeptive vape detectors, school administrators can create a safe and healthy environment for students and staff alike, fostering a culture of wellness and responsibility.

WiFi & Ethernet Communication

Zeptive's sensors are designed to offer unparalleled installation flexibility, perfectly suited for the unique needs of schools. We understand that schools require adaptable solutions, and our sensors provide a wide range of power and connection options to accommodate various setups. With Zeptive, you have three convenient installation options to choose from, ensuring seamless integration with your school's infrastructure, without the need for complex configurations: Option 1: WiFi with Two Rechargeable Batteries - Enjoy the freedom to position your sensors wherever needed, without the constraints of data or power cabling. This wireless option provides flexibility and convenience. Option 2: Wired PoE - Power over Ethernet - If you have available cabling, this option simplifies installation by delivering both data and power through a single cable. It's a straightforward and efficient solution. Option 3: Hybrid Fully Wireless WiFi with Two Rechargeable Batteries & Wired - Power over Ethernet or USB power - This configuration offers the ultimate flexibility and control. By combining both wireless and wired devices, you can effortlessly switch between modes, adapting to your specific requirements in seconds. At Zeptive, we recognize the importance of providing schools with maximum flexibility. Our diverse installation options cater to your specific needs, enabling easy integration into your existing infrastructure. Regardless of which configuration you choose, Zeptive ensures a reliable and efficient solution to support a safe and healthy environment within your school premises.

Instant Notifications

Zeptive's cutting-edge detection system ensures reliable and swift notifications tailored to the specific needs of schools. Our intuitive sensor alerts can be easily customized to meet your requirements, allowing notifications to be promptly sent to designated managers or staff members. With Zeptive's inclusive Web Dashboard, setting up personalized text, email, and push notifications for staff members is a seamless process. You have the flexibility to configure notifications in highly adaptable ways, ensuring that the right people are informed at the right time. To enhance convenience, Zeptive provides iPhone and Android phone apps as part of your purchase. These apps offer multiple avenues for receiving event notifications: A. Push Notifications from the App: Stay informed with real-time push notifications directly to your mobile device. B. Text Notifications: Opt to receive notifications via text messages on any mobile device, keeping you informed even when you're on the go. C. Email Notifications: Receive event notifications via email on any validated email address, allowing for easy access and reference. With Zeptive's sensor systems, you can be confident in receiving timely alerts and maintaining complete control over how notifications are sent and received. Stay connected and informed with our comprehensive notification options, ensuring a swift response to any vaping-related incidents within your school.

Vandalism Resistant

Zeptive recognizes the critical need to safeguard sensor systems in school environments, prioritizing protection against vandalism. We have implemented various measures in our devices to ensure durability and resilience. Our sensor systems are equipped with tamper sensors that are specifically designed to detect any unauthorized attempts to interfere with the device. In the event of tampering, instant notifications are triggered via email, text, and push notifications through the Zeptive app. Additionally, an audible alarm with a duration of ten seconds and a volume of 80 decibels is activated, alerting nearby individuals to the tampering incident. Users have complete control over the alarm through the Zeptive Phone app, allowing for easy management. To accommodate the unique requirements of each installation, our tamper sensors offer three sensitivity settings that can be adjusted accordingly. All notifications are conveniently time-stamped, providing valuable information for cross-examining camera footage, if necessary. Furthermore, Zeptive provides robust protection for our sensor systems. Our devices feature a sturdy plastic case molded from a flame-retardant UL94-V0 Polycarbonate/ABS plastic blend. To enhance security, tamper-resistant screws are utilized to secure the plastic case and battery door, ensuring they remain firmly in place during operation. For added protection, we offer an optional wire cage that provides an extra layer of resilience against vandalism. With these comprehensive measures in place, Zeptive's sensor systems are purposefully designed to withstand any attempts at vandalism, providing maximum protection for your valuable investment in the school environment.


Policy/Compliance Reinforcement for Your Students

No Smoking, No Vaping  |  Monitoring 24/7 


Student Health & Safety

Vaping emits harmful chemicals and particles that can pose a health and safety risk to students, faculty, and staff within school premises. It's crucial for schools to prioritize a safe and healthy environment by taking proactive measures to address vaping. By installing Zeptive vape detectors, schools can effectively detect and deter vaping in prohibited areas, promoting the overall health and safety of the school community.

Proactive & Focused Resources

In the school environment, maintaining a clean and healthy atmosphere is crucial for the well-being of students, faculty, and staff. Proactively allocating focused resources toward addressing vaping incidents can significantly contribute to achieving this goal. By installing Zeptive vape detectors, schools can create an environment that promotes wellness, reduces exposure to addictive or illegal substances, and creates an enhanced educational experience for all stakeholders involved.

Overall Benefits

Policy/Compliance Reinforcement

In the school environment, it is essential to maintain a policy of smoke-free and vape-free premises in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Zeptive understands the importance of policy and compliance enforcement to ensure a safe and healthy environment for students, faculty, and staff. Research has shown that if a policy is perceived to be well enforced, this becomes a critical component of reducing the use of nicotine products. By installing Zeptive vape detectors, schools can effectively reinforce their policies and comply with legal requirements, mitigating the risk of potential penalties and promoting a culture of wellness and responsibility.

Address Community Concerns

In the school community, addressing concerns and maintaining a clean and healthy environment is paramount to ensuring a positive experience for students, faculty, and staff. Proactively addressing community concerns regarding vaping incidents is crucial in fostering a conducive learning environment. By installing Zeptive vape detectors, schools can effectively mitigate the health impact, odor and 2nd hand smoke associated with vaping, promoting a clean and healthy atmosphere that enhances the overall satisfaction of the school community.


Versatile Installation Options

The Zeptive "go anywhere" patented vape detection system enables schools to more easily and affordably Monitor student vaping in locations throughout the building.

Vape Free Spaces (S)

Protecting just one restroom creates a different tone in your school & opens the conversation about vaping and health

Increased Protection (M)

Create a new school environment where students are supported with up-to-date monitoring solutions

Full Coverage (L)

Expand coverage to ensure healthier environments in multiple classrooms, common areas, to assess multiple areas at the same time

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A Happy and Safe Environment for your Students

Overall, vape detectors in schools play a crucial role in preventing and addressing the issue of vaping among students, ensuring a safe, healthy, and focused environment for learning.


Patented Design with 3 Modes to Choose From, Change Anytime!

The Ultimate in Power and Connection Versatility!

Our Vape Detector Device is loved by IT & Facility Specialists Everywhere

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Wall mount vape detector

The Industry's First Wireless Vape Detector

Schools Across the Globe choose Zeptive for their Vape Detection

Created by Scientists & Engineers with Decades of Experience in the Chemical Detection Industry

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