How One High School Decreased Student Vaping in Bathrooms

Like many schools across the nation, Melrose High School found itself facing a public health crisis, vaping. In 2016, the staff at the Melrose, Mass., school slowly noticed an uptick in vaping in locker rooms and common areas like hallways.

“At first, many adults in the building did not know what was going on,” said Bryan Corrigan, the school’s assistant principal.

But as staff became more aware of the problem and tried to stop it, students became stealthier – and almost exclusively started to vape in the bathrooms.

“It was happening all hours of the day,” said Corrigan. “We were seeing students congregating in the bathrooms. Many students started to report that they did not feel safe going to the bathroom. Some worried that they were going to be blamed for vaping if a teacher walked in.”

The school was also seeing the destruction of its restrooms – from graffiti to broken doors and urinals to toi