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Reducing Vaping - Safer Work Environments

Many businesses choose to implement a vape detector campaign to promote a safe and healthy environment for their employees. Vaping produces secondhand aerosol that contains harmful chemicals and toxins, which can negatively affect the health of workers who are exposed to it. Vape detectors can identify areas where vaping is occurring and enable managers to take necessary steps to reduce exposure to these substances. Workplaces are typically required by law to be smoke-free, which includes vaping. By installing detectors, employers can ensure that they are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations in order to mitigate risk. Overall, the installation of vape detectors can help companies prioritize the health and safety of their employees.

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What's Included?

We care about your employees and we know you do too.

Vape Sensors


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 The Solution for a Vape & Smoke Free Workplace

Vape detectors can help promote a healthier and safer workplace environment by detecting and preventing unauthorized vaping.

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The Industry's First Wireless Vape Detector

Companies Across the Globe choose Zeptive for their Vape Detection

Created by Scientists & Engineers with Decades of Experience in the Chemical Detection Industry

Why Choose Zeptive?

Easy to Install

Your maintenance staff will have no trouble with the Zeptive vape sensor installation process. To facilitate installation, the company includes a template and necessary hardware to mount the sensors on walls or ceilings. Additionally, the sensors come equipped with all the necessary software and training materials to get started. Zeptive offers detailed and helpful information at, along with email and phone support for the lifetime of the devices from their team of experts. Overall, Zeptive's installation process is so easy that you can install as few as two or as many as hundreds of devices without the need for outside installers. However, if you decide to use contracted installers, the staff at Zeptive are happy to provide training, all the support needed, and more!

Low False Positive

Zeptive's vape detectors include patented multi-channel particle and chemical sensors that have been designed to prevent false alarms. Workplace relationships with employees are critical, so knowing the difference between real vaping and something else can be crucial. Zeptive has employed 20 years of experience in sensing expertise to develop exclusive algorithms that are unmatched in the industry. First, the high-end particle sensor categorizes aerosols into four different sizes. Next, the chemical sensor takes a comprehensive second look at the overall environment, reducing the occurrence of false alarms. This allows the sensors to differentiate between vaping and other chemicals, such as body sprays or hair sprays. Sensor settings can be customized to accommodate the exact needs of your work area, common area, or restroom. Zeptive's advanced sensors and algorithms deliver exceptional differentiation and detection capabilities for nicotine vaping, cannabis or THC vaping, and other substances found in vape aerosols.

WiFi & Ethernet Communication

Zeptive's sensor offers unique installation options by providing the most flexible set of power and connection options available in the industry. There are three installation options available, and you can easily switch between them without any special configuration. Option 1: WiFi with Two Rechargeable Batteries - Move your sensor anywhere without concern about cabling for data or power. Option 2: Wired PoE - Power over Ethernet - With this option, both data and power arrive through the simplicity of a single cable. If you have cabling available, nothing could be easier! Option 3: Hybrid Fully Wireless WiFi with Two Rechargeable Batteries & Wired - Power over Ethernet or USB power - This option offers maximum flexibility and control by providing a combination of both wireless and wired devices. You can start with a wireless device and convert it to wired, or vice versa, in a matter of seconds. Businesses demand maximum flexibility from their devices, and Zeptive delivers! No matter which configuration options you choose, Zeptive has you covered.

Instant Notifications

Zeptive's sensor systems utilize the most advanced vape sensor suite available to make alarm decisions. Sensor alerts can be configured in highly flexible ways, allowing for notifications to be sent to any designated manager or staff member. With the included Web Dashboard, setting up customized text, email, and push notifications for staff members is easy. Zeptive also provides iPhone and Android phone apps with your purchase, offering multiple ways to be notified of an event: (A) push notifications from the app, (B) text notifications to any mobile device, or (C) email to any validated email address. In summary, Zeptive's alarm system delivers dependable and prompt alerts that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and preferences.

Vandalism Resistant

At Zeptive, we have taken measures to address the possibility of device vandalism for our sensor systems. Our systems come equipped with tamper sensors that trigger alerts when there is any attempt to touch or tamper with them. These notifications are sent via email, text, and push notifications through the Zeptive app. Additionally, the system has an audible alarm that sounds for ten seconds at 80 decibels whenever there is an incidence of tampering. Users can control the alarm using the Zeptive Phone app, and the tamper sensor has three sensitivity settings that can be adjusted to suit the unique requirements of each installation. Moreover, all notifications are time-stamped, which can be useful for cross-examining camera footage if necessary. To provide further protection against vandalism, our sensor systems come with a robust plastic case molded from a flame-retardant UL94-V0 Polycarbonate/ABS plastic blend. We also use tamper-resistant screws to secure the plastic case and battery door, which are also used for wall or ceiling installation. Additionally, we offer an optional wire cage that provides an extra layer of protection around the device. Overall, these measures ensure that our sensor systems are highly resilient and less susceptible to vandalism.


Policy/Compliance  Reinforcement for Your Company, Employees
& Customers.

No Smoking, No Vaping


Health & Safety

Vaping can potentially expose non-smokers to secondhand vape aerosol, which contains harmful chemicals. Vape detectors can alert employers if vaping is taking place in areas where it is not permitted, allowing them to take action to protect the health and safety of their employees.


Many workplaces, such as schools and government buildings, have policies or regulations prohibiting vaping. By installing vape detectors, employers can ensure compliance with these policies and avoid potential
legal issues.


Vaping may be distracting to some employees, especially if they are sensitive to the smell or have concerns about their health. Vape detectors can help employers identify and address any vaping-related disruptions that could impact productivity.

Work Environment Benefits


Versatile Installation Options

The Zeptive "go anywhere" patented vape detection system enables companies to more easily and affordably monitor employee vaping in locations throughout the workplace.


Vape Free Spaces (S)

Protecting just one common area or restroom creates a different tone & clearly demonstrates your workplace no-vaping policy

Increased Protection (M)

Create a new and improved work environment where your business is supported with up-to-date monitoring solutions

Full Coverage (L)

Expand coverage to ensure healthier environments in multiple office areas & common spaces, covering multiple locations at the same time


A Happy and Safe Place for Your Employees

Overall, vaping can be detrimental to the work environment and the health and safety of employees. It is important for employers to establish clear policies and regulations regarding vaping in the workplace and to take appropriate measures to enforce them.


Patented Design with 3 Modes to Choose From, Change Anytime!

The Ultimate in Power and Connection Versatility!

Loved by IT & Facility Specialists Everywhere

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Plug In / WiFi


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Rechargeable Batteries


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Wall mount vape detector
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