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Find Resources for your Specific State!

American Lung Association.png

American Lung Association

  • 1-800-LUNGUSA

  • National platform for prevention, quitting, and educational resources on e-cigarettes 

  • Many resources depicting the background of e-cigs and the associated health dangers and depicts toolkits to equip the public with the necessities to fight the teen vaping epidemic

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.png

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

  • Prevention resource dedicated to reducing tobacco use through campaigns and policy advocating
  • Promotes the end of the tobacco and nicotine appeal to the youth, and stands for healthy lifestyles

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Plethora of facts about e-cigarettes and the harmful side effects that they can cause and provides educational resources for the public 

  • Also provides many fact sheets, infographics, and other useful data

CDC–Extinguishing the Tobacco Epidemic in Alabama

Illustrates key facts in e-cigarette use on youth health, and how the CDC can help

Tobacco Free Alaska–E-Cigarettes: Not Harmless, Not Healthy

-Provides quitting resources, educational support, and healthy outlets for those looking for help

-Quitline: 1-800-784-8669

Arkansas Department of Health

Provides tobacco cessation resources, resources for healthcare providers, and further resources

Tobacco Free CA

Education on e-cigarette health risks and the dangers of vaping

University of Colorado Health–Smoking Cessation Programs

Abundance of quitting resources, treatments, and news of smoking cessation programs

Connecticut State Department of Public Health

-Educational data and results presented on the use of electronic cigarettes, along with a history of e-cigs and information on the internal structure of the vapes

-Many cessation resources, information for parents and schools, and health care providers

Delaware Health–E-Cigarettes

Educational resources for youth, parents, and educators, along with cessation resources and initiatives to get involved in

Alabama Public Health

Education on adverse health effects stemming from vaping, support for addicts, and prevention equipment

CDC–Extinguishing the Tobacco Epidemic in Alaska

Illustrates key facts in e-cigarette use on youth health, and how the CDC can help

Project Prevent Arkansas

-Community organization allowing kids to embrace a nicotine and tobacco free lifestyle through local events and a membership platform

-Strong sense of support system and holistic approach

Quit Vaping, UC San Diego

-Free, personal, confidential advice from quitting coaches, illustrating the power of having someone to help guide an individual through their addiction and also has different educational resources for addicts, educators, no-vape advocates, and healthcare providers

-Text “NoVapes” to 66819

Tobacco Free Colorado

Initiative determined to turn youth away from the marketing of the tobacco/nicotine industry products and provides many relevant articles on the dangers of vaping along with many tips and resources for quitting

The Hub: Behavioral Health Action Organization for Southwestern CT

-Includes educational resources, prevention resources, and quitting resources

-Contact Janelle Jessee from St. Vincent’s Medical Center, 978-930-9817, for a cessation program at your local school or organization

Kick Butts Generation (KBG)

Determined for all youth in Delaware to be/become nicotine free, and has programs for teens to become activists against nicotine in their community

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium–Vaping Prevention Resources

Depicts a list of frequent misconceptions about vaping and includes quitting resources for both addicts and parents/teachers of addicts

Electronic Cigarette Fact Sheet

-Provides a list of important facts about the dangers and misconceptions about e-cigs

-Further information on quitting:

-Quitline: 1-800-55-66-222

-Text “DitchJuul” to 88709

California Department of Public Health

California Tobacco Control Branch- Cessation Services and Resources

Colorado School Safety Resource Center–Department of Public Safety

Provides many articles and resources dedicated to informing both the youth and teachers/parents of the vaping epidemic

Parents Against Vaping E-cigs: Do Something Connecticut

Resources of media, news, and preventative actions that parents can take to help their kids

Healthy Delaware–Vape Toolkit

-Plethora of educational, cessation, and data resources

-Quitline: 1-886-409-1858

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