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How to use COVID relief funds for vape detection.


Passionate about addressing the problem of teen vaping?

Zeptive - an important

first step in Prevention

The Industry's First Wireless Vape Detector
Schools choose Zeptive

Our responsive, public-health and prevention oriented approach is unique and different.

Easy to Use and Install

Each battery-powered or wired unit is pre-configured. Maintenance, IT, and administrators love using Zeptive.

Customizable Sensitivity

With over 50 years of experience developing high-end detection systems, patent pending Zeptive technology is simply better with low false alarms.

Part of a Comprehensive Solution

Enabling better prevention, early intervention, treatment, and long-term recovery from nicotine and cannabis use in school.

Detectors make vaping difficult

in hard to monitor areas such as restrooms, locker rooms, or buses.

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Students high-fiving and excited to learn
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Who We Are

Zeptive is a sensor company created by experts, with an accumulated 50 years in the industry.

They were frustrated by the growing vaping epidemic and the effect it was having on their own high school children and friends.

Versatile Installation Options

The Zeptive "go anywhere" vape detection system (patent pending) enables schools to more easily and affordably Monitor student vaping in locations throughout the building.

Create Vape Free Spaces (S)

Protecting just one restroom creates a completely different tone in your school and opens up the conversation about vaping and health

Increased Protection (M)

Expand coverage to ensure healthier environments in multiple classrooms, common areas, to assess multiple areas at the same time

Full Coverage (L)

Expand coverage to ensure healthier environments in multiple classrooms, common areas, to assess multiple areas at the same time

Extended Reach (E)

For vape detection applications, address transportation to and from school, extending school policy from the moment the day starts

Layout of a big high school with a multitude of classrooms and learning spaces
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Steps Toward

Outside view of a red-brick high school builing with a grassy quad and many windows

Safer Schools

Grey, blue, and white bathroom at a high school containing Zeptive vape detectors in the stalls

With the Zeptive

Vape Sensor

Wall mount-A.png

Compare Your Vape Monitoring Options







Time consuming & distraction for staff
Lock or remove doors
React to health or academic performance issues
Repair plumbing and other vandalism issues
Effective for some schools


Vape Detector

Easy long-life battery or wire installation
Easy to move units and optimize - then wire later if desired
Working closely with school leadership to enhance effectiveness
Industry leading patent pending sensitivity and user configurable
Low false-alarm rate
Lower cost
Good for reducing vaping, and creating  a positive climate for health and prevention

Traditional Vape-Detector Systems

Expensive and complicated wire installation
Can't easily move units after installation
Security system enforcement
Higher false-alarm rate
Sound detection
Traditional off-the-shelf environmental sensors





Group of teenagers sitting together healthy, happy, and smiling

Why Choose

for Vape Detection?


The Zeptive team is passionate about reducing the level of teen vaping in schools.  They are not only knowledgable in the technology of detection but also in the consequences to these teens health.  Their goal is to show the link between detection and prevention of teen vaping and they want to educate others on the important role that Zeptive plays in addressing the teen vaping epidemic.


Set up in Minutes

Comes ready to place on the wall, ceiling or anywhere.


Detect Vape

Advanced patent pending protection and false alarm prevention

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Receive Alerts

Provides the information you need to track vaping events and plan effective responses and prevention activities

Vape sensing from detection industry leaders with more than 50 years of experience

Your System Arrives Ready to Work

Wall mount-A.png

How it Works


DIY install, mount the Zeptive unit in the desired locations, no wiring required


Set alerts for vape detection, tampering and battery status


phone app_1 copy.png

Zeptive measures multiple components of the air including chemical composition to determine when a student is vaping


Get notifications on your phone or computer with a time stamp of when the event occurred

Education Books Bookshelfs

Easy To


DIY install with a drill (Hardware provided)

Direct Power or Long Lasting Battery

Powered by an easy to change rechargeable battery OR multiple direct wire options

Cellular & Wifi Enabled

Communication option selected at time of order


Tamper Proof

Text/email tamper alerts, audible alarm, tamper screws & optional wire guard


Low False Positive

User configurable alarm sensitivity

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Instant Text Notification

Vape & Tamper alerts sent immediately

Dashboard image of the data collected from the Zeptive device
Zeptive app home page
Zeptive app device information page
Zeptive device app alert page
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Have questions?

How is it installed?
What are the costs of not using vape detection?
How can the problem effect school perfomance?
How much space does it cover?
How many do I need in my entire school?
How is it maintained & monitored?
What can be prevented?
What else do I need to know?
Power Options

PoE+ (power over ethernet)
External power via AC-DC transformer

Integrated tamper sensor

Optional wire guard

Tamper-proof screws

Setup & Installation

DIY in minutes (no cables needed)

Attach to wall or ceiling

Mounting hardware provided

Communication Options




Monitoring Options
Mobile App

Audible alerts

Text alerts

Email alerts

Remote access, view and control sensors

Apple & Android


Curated Resources For You

We have researched to find informational resources that are nationwide, state specific, and local.

Click through to see how you can be helped with your school's vaping challenges.

We are here to help you with your entire vaping prevention program.