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The Industry's First Wireless Vape Detector

Schools Across the Globe choose Zeptive for their Vape Detection

Created by Scientists & Engineers with Decades of Experience in the Chemical Detection Industry

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Who We Are

Zeptive is a sensor company created by experts, with decades of experience in the industry.

They were frustrated by the growing vaping epidemic and the effect it was having on their own high school children and friends.

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Have more questions?

How is it installed?

What are the costs of not using vape detection?

How can the problem effect school performance?

How much space does it cover?

How many do I need in my entire school?

How is it maintained & monitored?

What can be prevented?

What else do I need to know?

Power Options


PoE (power over ethernet)
External power via AC-DC transformer

Integrated tamper sensor

Optional wire guard

Tamper-resistant screws

Setup & Installation

DIY in minutes (no cables needed)

Attach to wall or ceiling

Mounting hardware provided

Communication Options




Monitoring Options

Mobile App

Audible alerts

Text alerts

Email alerts

Remote access, view and control sensors

Apple & Android

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Curated Resources For You

We have researched to find informational resources that are nationwide, state specific, and local.

Click through to see how you can be helped with your school's vaping challenges.

We are here to help you with your entire vaping prevention program.

What's Included
with your Zeptive Vape Detector?

How We Can Help

Wall mount vape detector

Wireless Vape Detector


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