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Zeptive Integration with Axis Communications.


Seamless Integration

Ease of Use

Reliable Technology

Zero Heavy Lifting

Combine the power of  Zeptive sensors and Axis cameras for a comprehensive security solution.

Manage everything from one web console, reducing complexity and increasing efficiency.

Proven communication methods via MQTT & Webhooks for flexible, consistent and dependable connectivity.

Enjoy the advantages of advanced technology without getting bogged down in technical details.

Zeptive Compatible
with Axis Communications

Zeptive is proud to announce a seamless integration with Axis Communications, a leading provider of video management system (VMS). This collaboration enables Zeptive’s state-of-the-art sensors to work in tandem with Axis hardware, offering a comprehensive security solution that covers areas where cameras cannot go, such as bathrooms and other privacy-sensitive locations.

All Units -

One Web Console

With Zeptive, managing your security setup has never been easier. Our integration with Axis Communications allows you to control all units from a single, unified web console. This streamlined interface ensures you can monitor and manage your entire security network effortlessly, including cameras, vape detectors and other devices.


The Easiest Integration in the Industry

We understand the complexities of integrating new technology into existing systems. That’s why Zeptive has done the heavy lifting for you. Our integration with Axis Communications is designed to be the easiest in the business, allowing you to focus on what matters most – maintaining a secure environment.


Proven Technology: MQTT

At the heart of this integration is MQTT technology, a proven and reliable protocol that ensures constant connectivity. With the publish and subscribe method, you are always connected, receiving real-time notifications from Zeptive sensors. MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight messaging protocol for use in cases where clients need a small code footprint and are connected to unreliable networks or networks with limited bandwidth resources.

Implementation Made Easy

At Zeptive, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Our integration with Axis Communications is designed for quick and easy implementation. Get started with minimal effort and experience the enhanced security benefits immediately.


Connection Validation

Publish and Subscribe Method

Instant Connectivity Notifications

Ensure your security network is always up and running smoothly.

Stay always connected with real-time updates.

Know immediately if connectivity is broken with automatic retry mechanisms.

For more information and to see how Zeptive and Axis Communications can work together to improve your security setup, contact us today!

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