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While vaping may be relied upon, usually unsuccessfully, by some people to address anxiety, it is becoming more likely it actually contributes to feelings of anxiety. Common vape components of nicotine and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, can negatively affect brain function that controls mood, especially in younger individuals. There is some research indicating that nicotine and marijuana use is directly linked to the early onset of anxiety symptoms among youth who vape.

Preliminary findings of a study of 2,500 individuals ages 13 to 24 by the American Heart Association also showed an association with anxiety. Approximately 70% of the THC-only vapers and 60% of the nicotine-only vapers and dual vapers reported experiencing symptoms such as worries, flashbacks, panic attacks, and situational anxieties, compared to 40% of participants that never vaped. However, the data collection utilized by the researchers did not allow for a conclusive determination of whether anxiety symptoms were caused or exacerbated by vape use, or whether these symptoms triggered desire for vaping.

Does vaping cause anxiety?

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