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While vaping frequency among youth is still widespread, there is research to show that many young individuals desire the freedom from vaping addiction. In one study, 81% of adolescents had tried to quit vaping at least once in their lifetime.  Permanently quitting often warrants perseverance and support. Fortunately, there are many resources and expert advice available from many groups, such as the American Lung Association.

Some successful strategies include setting a quit date; creating a plan, as to whether it will be quitting “cold turkey” or a weaning process; anticipating challenges; visualizing being vape-free; resisting triggers and seeking support. Some people rely on unassisted quitting and others seek assistance from friends, family, or professionals. Quitting vaping often is a process and lapses are not rare. It is important to not view slips as failure and instead persist in the quest to be rid of vaping.

How to quit vaping?

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